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Why Rubbing Wet Hair Is Bad For You

Why Rubbing Wet Hair Is Bad For You

Rubbing wet hair is not good for you. Experts suggest that it is one way of making your hair fall out. When you dry your hair by rubbing, it creates friction and will ultimately result in hair falling out. However, other factors determine how much the hair falls out. Hormonal changes and hereditary factors play a role in determining how much hair you lose. Also, people who don’t apply or use products such as Profollica from end up losing more hair when they rub compared to those who use them.

The effect of rubbing the hair

Vigorous drying of the hair destroys cuticles and the outer layer of your hair strands. Typically, the hair structure is held together by three bonds that contribute to the strength of the hair. Wet hair swells and cuticles get lifted a little bit. This makes it vulnerable, and so when it comes in contact with your towel, it makes it break. Weak cuticles make the hair to fall out. Also, the friction of the towel makes the hair to become weak, and when you rub it with a towel, it ends up breaking.

Luckily, there are things you can do to stop the hair from breaking.  You may choose to use Profollica gel or simply watch how you handle your hair. Avoid exposing the hair to a lot of heat when you want to comb it. Also, you need to be careful and avoid rubbing it after washing it. Do not dry it with a towel but allow it to dry naturally. You may also choose to use Profollica pills to make the strands stronger and stop breakage.  Also, it is recommended that you avoid pulling the hair because when you do this, it causes breakage. Lastly, ensure that you spray your hair with conditioners and comb through it using fingers.